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IMPACT Defense System FAQs

Does the KidSafe course scare the children?
No. The KidSafe courses are conducted in an age appropriate format. We feel strongly that learning is best facilitated in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. The majority of our staff are parents whose children have attended these training courses.

Does the TeenSafe class introduce content that is inappropriate for teenagers?
No. The TeenSafe courses are conducted in an age appropriate format. However, the content is straight-forward and to the point. You should ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What has my child been exposed to via television, the media or movies?
  2. Where would I want my child first exposed to a threatening situation, in a safe class, or on the street?
  3. Does ignoring potential threats my child may face, make them more or less of a target?

I've taught my child to fear strangers, what else is there to know?
Some parents feel the only way for their children to be safe is for them to fear strangers. Unfortunately, that "fear" could be the specific way they are victimized. For example, fearful children are easily exploited by sexual predators who threaten to harm parents, pets or the children themselves. These predators use fear to control; they almost never intend to carry out these threats. Most predators are interested in children who will cooperate because they are afraid (this also applies for predators of teens and adults). KidSafe trains your child to recognize the common lures used by predators, as well as equip them with many other strategies to enhance their safety

Is child sexual assault really that common?
Yes. Approximately one in three girls and one in six boys will have sexual contact with an adult.

How do you retain the techniques from the IMPACT courses?
Adrenal State Training is a critical aspect of the IMPACT System. It promotes an integrative learning response that allows participants to attain a high level of competence in a short time. You are conditioned to react appropriately and automatically in stressful situations, so that you don't have to rely on cognitive thinking. This is sometimes compared to leaning how to ride a bicycle or swimming, which for most of us, was leaning in an adrenalized state. However, once you learned, it stayed with you.

If approached by a stranger, I've heard if you're strong in setting boundaries, you may actually precipitate an attack.
A leading safety expert puts it best, "The most common reason women are reluctant to appear rude is the fear that they'll cause someone to be angry. That fear is bolstered by a myth: that a man's anger equals danger. It does not. In the context of approaches by a stranger in public, the anger you might cause is rarely a step toward violence. In fact, if perceived as a rude woman, you are far less attractive a target than a polite one. You cannot turn a decent man into a violent one by being momentarily rude, but you can present yourself as an ideal target by appearing too timid."

My child and I are very involved in martial arts. Why would we need the IMPACT programs?
Martial arts are excellent for conditioning and confidence however; you will find that IMPACT can be a great compliment to your training. We offer you the chance to train in an adrenalized state and to utilize full force strikes on our padded assailants. You also will be trained in awareness, avoidance and de-escalation, important components of self-defense that are not commonly taught in traditional martial arts schools.

I've heard that it is best not to fight back during an attempted rape, is this true?
No! Almost all rape/murders occur in that order, rape and then murder. Fight for your life.

Can I watch my child train?
Parents being in the same room with their children during a training session, regardless of how quiet they may be, tend to distract the attention of the child. However, you are always welcome to be close-by in the office complex waiting area.