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IMPACT “KidSafe” Program (Grades 1 - 3 & 4 - 6)

The IMPACT “KidSafe” Program is an 8-hour nationally recognized training curriculum designed to teach the skills necessary to help children protect themselves. KidSafe teaches real life solutions to everyday situations.

Many children are confronted with bullying behavior, intimidation, negative peer pressure and many other difficult situations. They can also become intimidated when dealing with adults who intend to compromise their safety. Children frequently lack the skills and confidence to handle these situations.

“KidSafe” gives your children, through repetitive role-plays, the opportunity to practice safety concepts in a safe and supportive environment. We use age appropriate scenarios, with instructors portraying the "stranger” to create a realistic training environment. IMPACT programs use a team of male and female instructors, each having specific roles during the course.

Your children learn how to:

  • Expand their awareness to avoid danger
  • Set boundaries in situations that make them uncomfortable or that are potentially dangerous
  • Stay safe with strangers and people that they know
  • Speak to others, and how to let others speak to them
  • Utilize learned safety concepts when alone
  • Recognize common lures used by predators
  • Trust their instincts
  • Keep a safe distance from strangers
  • Strike and flee when necessary

On-site training is available for schools and other organizations.