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IMPACT Defense System TM

Since 1971, the IMPACT program has been the leading innovator in personal safety training in the country. We have specialized curriculums to train adults, teens, children and special needs individuals who are blind or otherwise physically challenged.

Adrenal State Training - IMPACT Defense System

IMPACT was developed by a wide array of professionals. Martial artists, law enforcement officers, psychologists, adult education experts, engineers, teachers and others have contributed to the development process.

Nationally recognized safety experts and trauma recovery specialists have identified IMPACT as effective in teaching the skills necessary for violence prevention.

Clients are equipped with the following tools to handle a wide range of difficult situations including:

  • Perception and analysis of dangerous situations
  • Verbal and other interventions for de-escalation and conflict resolution
  • Confidence in their ability to avoid or mitigate danger
  • Physical intervention skills for defense against single or multiple assailants

Personal safety training involves much more than physical skills; it is an emotional and psychological process. This approach allows students who have not developed defensive strategies, to gain the verbal, psychological and physical skills required to deal with everyday conflict, as well as worst-case scenarios.

Realistic Scenario Training

IMPACT programs simulate realistic “scenarios” that develop the skills necessary to address threats. The realism of these scenarios put the client in an adrenalized state. While adrenalized, trainees learn to perform defensive techniques exactly as if the situation were real.

Padded Instructors and Team Teaching

The most widely recognized component of IMPACT training is the special protective padding "armor" worn by our male instructors. This protective gear covers the male instructors from head to toe and allows them to sustain full force strikes.

Classes are conducted by a team of male and female instructors, which offers several benefits. First, a coed instructing team provides accessible role models, while providing emotional support and safety. Second, it allows for the "coaching" of the client during the scenario. The coaching is done while the scenario is in progress, allowing for immediate correction.