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IMPACT Women’s Program

The IMPACT Women’s course is a 20-hour nationally recognized curriculum developed and researched over the past 30 years. It is a realistic personal safety program covering all aspects of violence prevention. IMPACT programs use a team of male and female instructors, each having specific roles during the course. This unique training allows you to practice verbal as well as full-force / full-contact physical skills on a highly trained and certified padded assailant. Varied and intense scenarios are used to increase training realism.
You will learn how to:

  • Read nonverbal communication
  • Expand your awareness to avoid danger
  • Confront situations of uncertainty
  • De-escalate threatening situations
  • Deter potential assailants
  • Assess situations quickly for a decisive response
  • Control your emotions in highly charged situations
  • React rather than freeze
  • Focus your adrenaline
  • Use Full-force / Full-contact defensive skills against a physical assault

On-site training is available for corporations and other organizations.