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PDT System TM FAQs

What sets PDT Group TM apart?
Unlike many other training facilities, concerned about how long they retain a customer. Our corporate goal is to train clients to the highest level of proficiency in the shortest amount of time. The scope and quality of our programs, the professionalism and skill of our instructors and our unmatched facility make this possible. Your safety and satisfaction are paramount.

Who are our clients?
Adults that desire skills to enhance their personal safety. Our clients range from experienced Law Enforcement Officers and Protection Specialists to corporate executives, business owners, and parents who have had no previous defensive training.

What is the minimum age allowed for acceptance into the PDT System TM training program?
We are an adult focused facility. The minimum age for acceptance into the PDT System TM program is 18 years (17 if under the Armed Forces Delayed Entry Program).

How often can I train?
You can train as much or as little as you desire. We offer two classes weekly for Level 1 and 2 clients, and two classes weekly for Level 3 clients. Generally, clients train two to three times a week.

If I am training at Level 3 can I take Level 1 and 2 classes for review?
Yes. Level 3 clients have all Level 1 and 2 classes available to them, free of charge.

How are the classes formatted?
The PDT System TM uses an established lesson plan for each class. Instructors follow this lesson plan to maintain class continuity and standardization.

Are training contracts required?
No. The confidence in our program is such, that we believe a training contract is unnecessary. If it becomes apparent that we cannot meet your needs or expectations, you may simply stop training.

Do we offer a guarantee?
No one can offer a guarantee that you will prevail in a violent encounter. However, in regards to training, PDT will provide you with “tools and techniques” that will increase your chances of survival when and if you are faced with those situations. Ultimately, you are the best judge of whether your expectations can be reasonably fulfilled.

What is the martial-arts background of the PDT System TM?
The PDT System TM is not a traditional martial art. However, many of our techniques come from a combination of Israeli, Korean, Pilipino, and Brazilian defense systems. In addition, we train many defensive tactics currently used by law enforcement and the military. We have done away with the formality that many other martial arts have held on to over the years. Our philosophy is ”If it’s simple, effective and appropriate…..use it.”

Do you award belts for advancement?
Yes. We offer a Black Belt (First Degree) and Black Belt (Second Degree). Belts are awarded only by achievement and competency, not by the amount time spent in training. In addition, there are no belt-testing fees