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Who Are Our Instructors, And What Are Their Qualifications?
We are professionally trained instructors who love to teach. Our instructors come from very diverse professional backgrounds. Our staff includes current and former instructors from the military, law enforcement, legal field, and major U.S. airlines. This professional diversity is the key to our training commitment; the more experience we have, the better our product will be. We are professionals relating to and training professionals. We believe, people were created equal - instructors were not.

PDT Group TM Instructor Standardization
At PDT Group TM, we strive for standardization. Nothing is more confusing than having instructors contradict one another. Staff members routinely attend courses given by other instructors to help maintain the standard. Staff training sessions are also conducted monthly to ensure technique continuity. As your training progresses, it is a good idea to be exposed to different instructors and teaching methodologies.